Our Mission is to change the way you see food!

Each How to Chow counselor has experienced the power of changing the way they see food
in their own lives and is passionate about helping others find that freedom as well.


Food can be the problem that holds you back from living the life of your dreams or it can be the solution to achieving all your goals. Most people struggle with food at some point in their lives.

We’re here to get you back on track.


Tired of dreaming big, only to worry day-after-day how your body and health are holding you back?



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Your Counselors the people who make the magic

Christy Meyers

Nutrition Queen

Christy Meyers is a Holistic Health Counselor certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Crista Dmitriew

Health Diva

Crista Dmitriew is a Holistic Health Counselor certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Fun Facts about your counselors

We love what we do!

We love to try new food, talk about food, read about food, shop for food. Food is our best friend. And like any best friends, we know it inside and out. Most importantly, we know how to guide you towards a friendship with your food. And we’ll introduce you to the right food that will make attaining your goals easy while you feel satisfied and healthy.

We take our work home with us!

It’s important that we have first-hand knowledge of the suggestions we’re making so we can anticipate challenges and pitfalls. Rest assured that when we teach a topic, we have tested it at home and believe in its success.

We are not gurus.

The way we see it, we’re here to help you find your own inner nutrition counselor. No one knows your body better than you, so our job is to guide you toward a way of eating that’s perfect for your body. We’re here to help you understand the messages your body is sending you, so that by the time you’re done working with us, you won’t need another book, class or coach to tell you what you eat. As Thomas Carruthers once said, “A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary.” Here at How to Chow, we couldn’t agree more.

We take it one step at a time.

We don’t believe in giving you a list of foods to eat and list of foods to avoid. What happens if you hate the foods on the “to eat” list? We start where you are right now and we make calculated, specific steps towards your goals. That way, by the time you reach your goals, the change lasts.

We know it’s all about love.

You can‘t guilt or shame your way to accomplishing a goal. You’re not a better person because you decide to eat broccoli one day instead of the chocolate cake. You made a different choice. And food choices are just that – choices, made one at a time, so let’s enjoy those choices. As we work together, we want to accept what’s happening now, be honest about it, take a good look at it and then make a different choice. Bit by bit this cleans up the diet and gets rid of the emotional cycle. And progress is faster.

We know it’s not just about food.

What you eat is a big deal. But what you’re doing with your life is an even bigger deal. If you aren’t enjoying your life, who cares if you’re eating 5 servings of leafy greens a day! Obviously, we believe that eating a healthy diet will allow you to enjoy your life more and for longer. But we keep in mind why you want to eat a healthy diet – to have an unbelievable, I-CAN’T-WAIT-TO-GET-UP-IN-THE-MORNING life!


Christy Meyers and Crista Dmitriew are certified holistic health counselors trained in the areas of nutrition and wellness. They work with individuals and groups to help people achieve their health goals by offering structured programs, education in nutrition and lifestyle changes, and personalized support. Both Christy and Crista are graduates of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and members of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners.