How Do You Chow? 6 Steps to Get You Started


Mar 18, 2014 Healthy Eating 0 Comments

For those of you struggling with what to eat and when to eat it, I just wanna offer a few tips and tricks about HOW you eat. After all, first things first, and when you’re learning how to really nourish your body, it’s important to have a nourishing relationship with yourself, as well as your food.

1. Enjoy your food as you eat it.

2. Chew your food completely.

3. Stop eating just before you’re full.

4. Eat your main meal early in the day, such as breakfast or lunch.

5. Choose foods that are local or organic when you can.

6. Trust your body. Over time, you can cultivate the skill of separating your cravings from your deeper levels of guidance.