Clever Ways to Slow Down During Meals


Nov 11, 2014 Healthy Eating, Philosophy 0 Comments

Slowing down while you eat is one the number one ways to improve your health and weight. But once you are in the habit of eating quickly, it can be a really hard habit to break. Even as a health counselor and knowing the benefits, I still rush through a lot of my meals. So I am constantly coming up with new ideas to help me slow down.

Here’s my newest batch –

Set a timer for your meal – First set it for a half an hour and then for an hour, and then longer if you want. Try to eat slowly enough that you will still be enjoying your meal when the timer goes off. It might feel like agony at first but in a couple of days, you’ll really enjoy it.

Speak only between bites – Rather than talking with your mouth full as you rush through your meal, finish your bite, put your fork down and then respond to the last comment or question.

Sit outside in nature – feeling the sun and breeze on your face and listening to the wind will naturally slow you down. If it is too cold to sit outside, sit by a window with a view of the outside.

Eat with a small child – now this could be a good idea or bad idea, depending on the child. Eating with my two year old is a race to get food in before he climbs out of his chair. But I used to love eating with my niece because she had so much to tell me that the meal we were eating was an afterthought. It was a good reminder to me of what the meal was really about, our time together.

Eat with chopsticks – I made this suggestion in my article on Clever Ways To Cut Portion Sizes and I am repeating it here because it works. Chopsticks make it nearly impossible to rush through a meal.

Cook vegetables whole – and cut them up at the table. If the food is too large, you have to slow down a bit to cut it into manageable pieces. I like to do this with carrots – roast them whole and serve them drizzled with a little walnut oil.