Clever Ways to Cut Portion Size


Nov 4, 2014 Healthy Eating, Philosophy 0 Comments

Did you know that for most of us, what we eat is not as big of a problem as how much we eat? If we could just cut down on the size of our portions, we would easily have the health and weight we want. I have all kinds of tricks up my sleeve for this.

Here are few –

Switch the dinner and salad plate – Put your salad on dinner plate, and put your dinner on a salad or dessert plate. This will actually portion your meal correctly without much effort. Eat the salad first as you normally would and you will already feel pretty full when you start dinner.

Get smaller plates – Or you could just change out all your plates for smaller ones. Dinner plates are huge and border on platters rather than plates. Get some small lovely plates that you enjoy and serve them full.

Get smaller drinking glasses for coffee, wine, etc – This is the same idea as above. If you have smaller glasses, you drink less. As long as you hold yourself to the one or two glass rule, that is :)

Cut your sandwiches into 4 instead of half – Sandwiches are so easy to gulp down without realizing how much food you have actually had. If you cut the sandwich into 4, you psychologically feel like you have eaten more and it becomes easier to consider saving 1 or 2 of the parts for later.

Eat your veggies first – Fill up on the food items that have the most vitamins, minerals and fiber and the least amount of calories. If you are full of vegetables, you will naturally eat less of the high calorie foods.

Separate your carbs or fats from everything else – if you end up gorging on carbs or fat during your meals; take them out of the equation. Eat small helpings of them as snacks rather than a major part of your meals. Fill your meals with healthy proteins and vegetables.

Share your meal out with someone else – when you go out to eat, the portion sizes are at least double. But it is so easy to eat it all anyway and so hard to take some aside to take home. So just save yourself the headache and share your meal with someone else. You can order a salad or a soup first and then split the meal – even with all that food, you’ll still be fine on calories.

Use smaller utensils or use chopsticks – if you physically can’t get as much food into your mouth, then you will eat less. It takes a lot of commitment to overeat using small utensils and chopsticks. More than likely, you will stop before you eat too much.