Don’t, Don’t, Don’t


Sep 16, 2014 Healthy Eating, Healthy Living, News, Philosophy 0 Comments

Have you ever noticed that the minute you set new health goals, (to eat healthier, to detox for a week, to lose 15 pounds), you immediately start thinking about all the things you can’t do? You know – the “don’t eat, don’t do” list? Sometimes that can be important, but it’s often more important that you begin to move toward healthier ways of eating and being. Especially in the long-run. In other words, you may have to expand your ideas about health and vitality, rather than go down the path of restriction.

Reaching your health goals does not have to be all about deprivation and punishment. Instead, focus on what you want to accomplish, how good it will feel to get there and all the wonderful foods, activities and new behaviors that will get you there. After all, “whatever you resist, persists…”