Get Your D On


Oct 27, 2013 Vitamins 0 Comments

Vitamin D is the newest must have supplement. It seems like every client is telling me that their vitamin D levels are low. Even here in California, where we have 300+ sunny days!

The reason? Well, we have done a really great job of wearing sunscreen! The vitamin D that we would normally absorb through our skin is blocked by these lotions and sprays. Great for skin cancer prevention, bad for our D levels.

Vitamin D is important because it helps the body absorb vitamin D, boosts our immune systems, and helps keep us at a healthy weight.

At How To Chow, we always recommend getting missing vitamins and minerals as naturally as possible. So before you go out and get the vitamin D supplement, try these easy ways to raise your D levels:

The foods that are highest in Vitamin D are: Cod Liver Oil, Eggs, Animal Protein, Dairy, Fish, Oysters, Caviar, Mushrooms, Soy products

Another option is to expose your skin in small amounts to the sun. The fairness of your skin determines how long you will need in the sun, but a good rule of thumb is half the time it would take you to get “color” from the exposure. So try taking a 10 minute walk after work. Or taking off your shoes and wiggling your toes in the grass during your lunch break!

If you are still deficient after applying these suggestions, then look for a Vitamin D3 supplement since this is the type of D your body makes in the sun.

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