"Good for Your Health" Home Spa Treatment


Apr 1, 2014 Relax & Rejuvenate 0 Comments

Looking for an easy way to do a daily detox – without the glass of frothy green concoction from the juice bar up the road? Want to give your skin a spa treatment – without the price tag? Dry brushing is the way to go.

The benefits of dry brushing include:

• Stimulates Circulation and the Lymphatic System
• Reduces bloating
• Improves digestion
• Improves kidney function
• Massages the lymph nodes
• Exfoliates
• Reduces cellulite

And it’s easy to do!

You can buy a body brush at your local health food store or pick one up on line (like this one). Be sure that you choose one with natural bristles rather than synthetic.

In the morning before you shower –

• Start at your ankles and brush in long strokes upward towards your heart.
• After your legs, move onto your stomach, arms and shoulders, always moving the strokes towards your heart.
• You want to have a light but firm pressure – your skin will be pink afterwards, but it shouldn’t hurt.
• Avoid your face and any cracked skin, psoriasis or eczema.

Commit to this morning ritual and your whole body will thank you.