Healthy Diet vs. Working Out for Weight Loss


Jul 1, 2014 Exercise, Healthy Eating 0 Comments

Do you have to work out to lose weight, or can you just eat a healthy diet? On the other hand, do you have to eat healthy? Or can you just work out all the time and eat whatever you want?

Sometimes it seems easier to just pick one and rather than changing everything. Let’s talk about why each is important.

Eating Healthy – Healthy whole foods are naturally lower in calories, fat, salt, and sugar than processed junk foods. They are also naturally higher in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This means that they will keep you satisfied for longer and help your body function more efficiently. So you will lose weight faster and easier than if you were counting calories with junk food.

Pairing healthy eating with working out will encourage the body to clean out stored sugars from the muscles and bring in fresh vitamins and minerals. It will also help even out your hunger and energy levels, making sticking to your diet easier.

Working Out – Working out is the best way to move food through the body and utilize the calories you are feeding yourself. It renews and refreshes the body’s muscles and organs. Muscle burns more fat than fat, because repairing muscles requires the metabolism to burn even after your workout session. Which means weight loss is faster and more permanent.

Pairing working out with a healthy diet will make your workouts and results more effective since you will naturally be eating less calories. You will also feel better during your workouts and be able to advance more quickly because your body is getting the vitamins, minerals and amino acids to repair and rebuild.

The overall lesson here is that both of these things build the health of your body. And while your main concern may be how you look, you might as well get healthier while you are looking better. The weight loss will be easier to maintain and you will look better (and feel better) for longer.

Remember, working out doesn’t have to be an hour in the gym! It can be a hike in nature or a bike ride in your neighborhood. You want to get the body moving every day. And eating healthy can mean adding in more whole foods, like brown rice and broccoli, to your diet and switching to minimally processed foods, like whole grain bread and unsweetened salad dressing.

Every little bit counts.