Healthy Sweets


Feb 11, 2014 Healthy Eating 0 Comments

Is there such a thing? Most diets will insist that you cut out sweets completely. They add weight, raise the blood sugar, and lead to all kinds of health problems.

Well, I agree. But I am taking a more realistic look at sweets. Unfortunately, sugar ispart of our culture. And while I am all for a sugar free diet, I know that sweetness is a taste that we look for in our food. I think there are ways to get the sweet taste into your diet without the array of health concerns that go with it.

One way is to eat foods that are naturally sweet during the day. Fruit is a popular sweet food but can still raise blood sugar quite a bit. For a sweet food that has a gentler affect on the body, you can try the wide variety of sweet vegetables like sweet potatoes and yams, squashes, and root vegetables. If you roast, bake or simmer them you get an intensely sweet flavor. Baked sweet potato rings sprinkled with cinnamon is one of my favorite afternoon snacks when that 3pm sugar craving sets in. And it has tons of vitamins, minerals and fiber to fill you up and give you energy – without the blood sugar drop.

If desserts are a big part of your diet, try some of the natural sweeteners that don’t raise your blood sugar, like stevia and yacon. If you had a bad experience with Stevia in the past, consider giving it another shot now. Stevia manufacturing has come a long way in the last couple of years and products are more mild and palatable. Just remember, stevia is sweeter than sugar so it takes less stevia to sweeten. Yacon is a liquid syrup sweetener that comes from a root vegetable. It is mild and light in its sweetness and tastes great in iced tea.

If you are a baker, take a look at some of the amazing recipes out there using natural fruit sweeteners, sweet vegetables, and stevia instead of sugar. One of my favorite food bloggers – Chocolate Covered Katie – always has decadent dessert recipes that are easy on the blood sugar.

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