House Plants that Clean the Air


May 13, 2014 Healthy Living 0 Comments

A few house plants placed in your home can not only be relaxing, beautiful and an opportunity to bring nature into your every day life, but they are natural air purifiers, helping to increase oxygen and clear out the toxins in your home.

We all have toxins in our homes, even if we make an extra special effort to steer clear of them. They can be found in cleaners, paints, glues, carpeting, paneling, furniture, flooring, walls, car exhaust fumes and lacquers / stains, to just name a few. So why not get a little help from Mother Nature?

The following plants are at the top of the list for clearing out toxins while being real beauties in the home:

• Aloe Vera

• Philodendron

• English Ivy

• Golden Pothos

• Spider Plant

• Snake Plant

• Wax Begonia

• Red Edged Dracaena

• Peace Lily

• Bamboo Palm

• Weeping Fig

• Lady Palm

• Boston Fern

Try to place 2 plants per every 100 square feet of space for best air purifying results. And know that it can take a minute or two to learn how to care for your plants. Follow their instructions and don’t be afraid to move them around your home until they find where they want to be. Oh, and don’t overwater – that creates mold and mold definitely does NOT clean the air. :)