Ordering Food Online


Oct 14, 2014 Healthy Eating 0 Comments

To eat healthy, you have to have high quality healthy foods. I feel pretty lucky that here in California, these foods are readily available. But for some people finding healthy foods presents some challenges – maybe there is not a grocery near you that sells high quality healthy foods and fresh vegetables and fruits, or the prices are too high, or you simply don’t have time to get to the grocery often enough to buy fresh produce.

So I am always looking for online resources that make it easier to get healthy foods into your kitchen.

Here are some of my favorites –

Vitacost – This is a great place to order organic staples like grains, beans, pastas, etc for a little less then you would find them at the grocery. It cut my grocery bill by about $50 a month.

Amazon – if you want to order dry goods in bulk (let’s say you want to stock up on organic brown rice), amazon is a great resource. Plus if you have amazon prime, then the shipping is free.

Planet Organics – you can find it all here. The prices are pretty comparable to buying organic in the store. But if you want a one stop place to order healthy rather than braving the grocery store, this is a good option.

Also, try googling “Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Delivery” to see local CSAs and farmers who might do weekly produce boxes.

And here’s another resource I just discovered! They don’t have online ordering yet, but their distribution is fairly wide and the product is frozen so you can buy in bulk and keep them for when you need them.

Wild Veggie – Wild Veggies sells vegetable purees that are great for a quick veggie soup, throw into smoothies, and also for baking! Check out their recipes for ideas

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