Our Programs
however you want to do it – we’ve got you covered

How to Chow offers in person and online nutrition and health programs
to help you make the exact changes you’ve been wanting to make.


Want to work one-on-one with a health counselor for a more individualized approach?
Or perhaps you’d prefer to join a group program with others who have the same health goals?
Or maybe you just wanna pop into one of our FREE online workshops?


However you want to do it – we’ve got you covered!


How to Chow’s Programs

One-on-One Counseling

Working One-on-One with your health coach is the best way to get the most individual attention and personalized program How to Chow has to offer.

Group Programs

Our Group Programs are a fantastic way to increase discipline from the structure of a program, join an amazing community of like-minded people – all for a great price!

Live far away? Too busy to get to us? No problem! We designed our FREE Workshops for you to participate (online) with us and keep on movin’ without skipping a beat.

Corporate Programs

Corporate Workshops can help your employees live a healthier lifestyle, reduce the need for medical care, increase productivity and decrease absenteeism.