Sometimes We Need a Little Inspiration


Feb 4, 2014 Philosophy 0 Comments

It’s February, the second month of the new year, the second month of working at your new year’s resolutions. Maybe you are fully committed and going strong; maybe Valentine’s day is threatening to throw a hiccup into your plan. Wherever you are, it is important to know that less than inspired times happen. Some days, or periods of time, it seems effortless to stay on the path towards your goals. Other times, you need a little outside inspiration. Here are some ideas of ways to get inspired towards your health goals, when you need the boost:

1. Try a new recipe – Perhaps with an ingredient you’ve never tried. Or a style of cooking you’ve always wanted to master. We regularly share recipes in our newsletter (sign up here). But I also like to check out food bloggers, the Whole Foods Market Recipes (where you can search by dietary restrictions as well!)

2. Try a new exercise – Routine is good but sometimes trying something totally new re-inspires your fitness. Pick a workout or workout class you’ve always wanted to try and make a plan to do it this week. Take a friend!

3. Host a pot luck – Invite your other health focused friends and give them the assignment to bring one healthy side dish with the recipe to share. Extra credit: Make it a weekly or monthly occurrence!

4. Go to a new restaurant – Pick a healthy restaurant in your area that you’ve always wanted to try and go this week. While you are there, study the dishes on the menu. Are there any that you’d like to try to recreate at home?

5. Take a workshop – Of course we would love to have you join one of ours! But if not, there are a lot of companies that offer workshops on food topics. They usually last an hour or two and offer a ton of information on interesting topics, as well as recipes, suggestions and recommendations. We go to the gym several hours a week to keep our bodies in shape, why not spend an hour or two a month talking about food?

6. Go to a cooking class – Cooking classes are a fun way to learn new skills, try out new foods, and have fun doing it! Check out local restaurants that hold cooking class events as well.

7. Read an inspirational book – There are so many great books about food, health and well being. Pick up a biography and read about someone else’s journey to wellness. Even a book about meditation will affect how you approach your food.

8. Watch a documentary – Netflix instant player is a great source for food documentaries. Drop some in your cue and watch a few minutes when you need a reminder of why you should buy local and organic.

Try one of these suggestions, all of these suggestions or none of these suggestions – make up your own! The point is to do whatever you have to do to stay inspired and keep going!