The Best Exercise Is The One You Do


Sep 27, 2013 Exercise 0 Comments

In middle school and high school, I ran cross country and track. In college, I continued to run. And even ran a marathon in 2001.

I love running. But maybe not for the reason you would think.

I can totally understand when people say “running is boring, hard, painful, etc.” I feel that way sometimes too. And I would be lying if I said I find the meditative bliss in running every time (or even half the time).

I run because it is the one exercise I know I will do. Even from a young age, I needed an exercise that was always available, independent, a good workout and didn’t take much coordination (at least the way I do it :) Running is that exercise for me.

And now that I have a baby, it’s even more important. I don’t have to worry about class schedules, workout buddies or even weather. I put on my shoes, go out my door, and I am in my workout.

Is this the best thing for me every day? Probably not. Somedays I do get a yoga class in. But it is a workout.

And sometimes it’s best to do the workout you will do, rather than spending so much time trying to get in the workout you “should” be doing.