Too Much Sugar


Oct 7, 2014 Healthy Eating 0 Comments

Sugar is a big topic here at How To Chow. Mainly because of the myriad of health concerns that consuming sugar can lead to. And the fact that sugar is in 80% of processed foods these days. Is it really any wonder that obesity, Type 2 diabetes and ADHD are at an all time high?

And sure, there is medication to bring down your blood sugar or suppress your appetite, and while the medicine is saving lives and we should be extremely grateful we have it; it is really just a band aid over the real problem – too much sugar consumption.

Look, I’ve never met a chocolate chip cookie I didn’t like. I know what it is to struggle with a sugar addiction. But what always stops me is the realization that the diseases caused by sugar consumption are preventable! All we have to do is stop eating sugar.

Don’t roll your eyes yet. Follow me on this. The white powdered processed sugar (and brown or raw sugars which are just white sugar with molasses added to them) that is in most food and beverage products these days offers no nutrition to the body. In fact, it depletes the body of it’s health. And it’s addictive, seriously addictive. So it’s a drug, not a food. Would you take any other drug several times a day in all your food and drink and not start to wonder if it was a problem?

All the way back in 1971, J.I. Rodale who is coined as the “father of the organic movement in the USA” said in an interview

“We receive so many letters from readers asking what kind of sugar to use. So far as we are concerned, the answer is none… if you would be healthy, omit all sugar and just get accustomed to doing without it.”

Can you do it? Can you get the sugar out??

It took me a lot of years to understand this sugar addiction thing fully. I’ve been off and on sugar so many times we even developed a program to help others ( 21-Day Sugar Cleanse ). The most important thing I learned is to do it in stages rather than cold turkey. Get the sugar out a little bit at a time. If you go slowly it will take longer, but it will last longer.

And if you need any inspiration to keep you going, just google sugar related diseases.

These are some of my favorite that pop up –,,