Top 5 Healing Practices I Can't Live Without


Jun 24, 2014 Healthy Living, Relax & Rejuvenate 0 Comments

1. Massage – If I was rich, I would keep a massage therapist on staff. A little neck and foot rub every day, full body once a week – I imagine myself floating through life. For me, massage is the fastest way to de-stress and get back in touch with my body. When I get massage regularly, I get less headaches. And since it helps release toxins from the muscles, I am able to workout better.

2. Meditation – I used to think I could never meditate regularly because I didn’t have time. Then I realized that meditation is just letting go of excess thinking and coming into the present. When you think of it that way, meditation can be 1 minute or 1 hour, whatever you have time for. Starting my day with a 10 minute meditation puts me in a much healthier mindset than jumping out of bed and rushing into the day. If I don’t have time to do it right when I wake up, I sometimes meditate before lunch or before I go to bed. My favorite meditation to do is focus on my breath for a period of time and then think of 10 things I am really grateful for today.

3. Body Scrubs – Here in LA there are amazing Korean Day Spas that specialize in this but I have seen the treatment in spas all over the country. The practitioner spends 30 minutes going over your entire body (except your face) with a scrubbing mitt. The first time I had one, I was sure my skin would be raw and red after. But it was glowing and continued to glow for days. Now I am addicted and try to go once every couple of months. With all the dead skin gone, my skin is soft and I know my body is able to detoxify faster. Plus, my moisturizer lasts longer!

4. Cold Showers – Okay, anyone who knows me is going to laugh out loud when they see this because I HATE to be cold. But I am telling you, cold showers are the way to go. They wake up your mind and they force the body to circulate blood through your organs and to your extremities, cleaning out the system. You can find a lot about cold showers online – it is a yogic practice that has been used for centuries. There are several different methods, but here is my process: I close the door to the bathroom and steam it up with the hot water running – this opens the pores and warms the body a bit. Then I dry brush my whole body (see our blog post here on how to dry brush) which gets the blood flowing to all areas and exfoliates. And now it is time to get into the shower – I turn the water to cold, take a really deep breath, and get in. While I am in the shower, I rub my whole body vigorously with my hands to get the blood moving and to take my mind off the cold. I stay in the water for three full minutes. Afterwards, I rub my body with my towel to warm it up. Then I use a little almond oil to moisturize. The whole process takes me about 10 minutes.

5. My Health Counselor – some people are surprised to hear that I have a health counselor but I have always had one – since I started studying nutrition over a decade ago. Even with all of my knowledge, I still need to time to think about my diet and how to make changes happen; or check in about what is going well and what is challenging. Depending on what is going on for me, we might talk a couple of times a month, once a month, or every couple of months. Knowing that I have a person supporting me to be the healthiest, most balanced I can be is what is invaluable to me.