Top Three Reasons I Love Quinoa, Y’all!


Aug 19, 2014 Healthy Eating, Recipes 0 Comments

Quinoa, (pronounced keen-wah), is one of my favorite foods. But what is quinoa? It’s a seed that looks (and kinda acts) like a grain! Why do I love it?

#1: It’s filling.

I like feeling full. I just like it. For me, being hungry makes me mad and sad, so that’s why I turn to quinoa to fill me up quick. You know how when you just eat a mixed green salad and then you’re hungry pretty soon after? Yeah. Throw some quinoa on that salad and that problem goes away.

#2: I don’t like worrying about my weight.

I can’t think of many things worse than worrying about my weight day in and day out. And not only is quinoa a complete protein that rebuilds my muscles (it’s got all 9 essential amino acids), it’s super high in fiber which means it helps control my blood sugar. And low blood sugar means I won’t store fat – I’ll actually burn it.

#3: I can make it in an easy 15 minutes.

Sometimes I’m short on time (or patience ) and I want something healthy…fast. Quinoa is an amazing protein that can stand alone or take the place of any grain. Try it in place of rice or oatmeal. Sprinkle it on a salad or egg scramble. Roll it up in a wrap or eat it like a cereal. Serve it hot or throw it in the fridge for later. There are dozens of ways to season it and I love to toss it with some veggies for a complete meal.

Try it this week and see for yourself!